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Animax Fans

Animax Fans HQ

Fans of anime cable channel Animax
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moderator: ekmisao

Animax Asia community

This is just a simple place to go to if you like Animax or any of the shows in it. I know the channel has problems here and there, but without it I would not have watched so many nice anime, almost for free and legal!

The person who started this hails from the Animax Southeast Asia (Philippines) distribution, but I accept anyone from any of the major distribution points.

THIS LJ IS INDEPENDENT AND UNOFFICIAL. What I know, I get the way almost everyone does, through station ads and the occasional official blog news. And I do gripe once in a while.

Basic rules:

1. Be nice. Please. Don't fight.
2. Please use English, so we all understand each other.
3. Place long posts and pictures behind lj-cuts. Don't know how? Just put lj-cut (with <>)at the start of the part you want to hide, then /lj-cut (also with <>) at the end.
4. This is just for general discussion of the anime within Animax, so please minimize discussion of other anime that aren't.
5. Please don't place links to fanfics/fanart here. There are too many Animax shows to consider.
6. I accept ranting about dubbing, but please don't be vicious. The dubbing and subbing crew are trying their darn hardest to do well at what they do.

Finally, if you're interested to be a moderator for this community, I'm all ears. Send me an email. It's in my personal profile.

All that said, I hope you enjoy your stay!

EK 8 )
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