roryheadmav (roryheadmav) wrote in animaxfans,

About the Animax Dubbers

Now that the rant is out of the way, I thought I'd bring this up here since it seems there are members here who are staffers of Otaku Zine.

I have just received the confirmation from Maria Ong that I WILL be interviewing the dubbers of Animax, who according to Maria are "mainly American or Canadian" (which is probably confirmation enough that Animax never had an "in-house" dubbing team and that most of their dubbers are "outsourced".).

Although I will be doing this article for Woman Today, I could do a similar piece for Otaku Zine if you would be interested in it. However, as I have told Maria, I will not be publishing any photos of the dubbers, to protect their identities from rabid fans. I would really like to do this article so that the public would get to know them and, hopefully, be less overly critical when they learn about the dubbing process from their very lips.

Just inform me if you'll be interested in it.
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